► Tele - services

Tele-Services allow for families to have access to ABA programmes using modern technologies. We have two Tele-Service programmes:

  • Tele-Ed: For advanced learners, or older children, who can learn independently and use a computer or tablet
  • Tele-Guidance: For beginning learners or younger children that can’t yet learn independently.


These programs are suitable for parents or families that are open to working with their child, as the tutor themselves. Or perhaps those families who are struggling to gather ABA evidence for the EHC Plan.

We provide a BCBA remotely, to supervise and teach you the knowledge and skills needed for you to help your child!

Tele-Services are:

  • Affordable: direct services are more expensive. There are no travel fees with Tele-Services.
  • Safe: With the “new normal”, remote service provision will become increasingly popular across many fields.
  • Best investment: Gives the parents the skills they need for all the times the tutor isn’t there!
  • Flexible: sessions can fit around your busy schedule.