Special Needs Acronyms Explained

When your child is first diagnosed, it can feel overwhelming in so many ways. One of the first obstacles is learning to understand the ‘lingo’ of the professionals who will be helping your child and there is a staggering amount of information to learn along the way. As well as treatment and therapy names, medicines, professional qualifications and more, there is a long list of special needs acronyms that you will come across regularly.

Following feedback from existing families we work with, we have created this simple downloadable list of acronyms which you will start to come across more regularly. Noticed any we have missed? Drop them in the comments for version 2!

Special Needs Acronyms (click to view)

We hope this resource is useful to you, and please feel free to share with any friends or family members who may also benefit. If you or someone you know is struggling to access services then please let us know and we will see how we can best help.