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We provide ABA programs to individuals on the autism spectrum and/or with other additional needs, usually up to the age of eleven. We can also provide services for children who are likely to be on the spectrum or are awaiting the results of an autism diagnostic.

Services are usually provided at home, but can also be provided in school or nursery, though this requires their consent from the respective premises, ABA to be included on the child’s EHCP, and additional staff vetting.

Considering it can take anywhere from 6 months to 2.5 years receive a diagnosis (depending on where you are), and the fact that ABA is undeniably expensive, leaves most families between a rock and a hard place. We appreciate that every individual and their family in need of services, have unique needs and circumstances.

This is why we offer a variety of services:  to make ABA as accessible to as many people we possibly can

Best practices for ABA services involve at least a Supervisor (BCBA) and Behaviour Tutor working with your child. Or in the absence of a Behaviour Tutor, a Parent that’s willing to learn. The Behaviour Tutor or Parent works directly with your child under the supervision of the BCBA. An ABA programme can start with just a Supervisor, but cannot with just a Behaviour Tutor.

Depending on your location, supervision may be able to occur in person. Typically though, we provide both Supervision and Parent Training services remotely via Tele-Services. Doing so makes remote Supervision and Parent Training:

  • a cost-effective alternative
  • more consistent service
  • more convenient or flexible
  • and available nationwide

Some families have reservations about receiving services remotely, which is understandable and admittedley, is not for everyone. For individuals with severe needs or challenging behaviours, in person supervision should be sought. However, for younger learners and willing parents, it’s a great place to start!