► Parent Training

Parent Training and Supervision via Tele -Services allows for families to receive ABA services, at a time when ABA is a difficult service to access. Parent Training programs are suitable for parents or families that are open to working with their child, to serve as the Behaviour Tutor themselves. 

Tele-Services are:

  • Affordable: direct services are more expensive. There are no travel fees with Tele-Services. 
  • Flexible: sessions can fit around your busy schedule
  • Consistent: affordability and flexibility allows for Parent Training and Supervision to occur consistently, thus effectively. ABA Horizons prefer the “little and often” approach rather than monthly workshops.
  • Safe: emote service provision has become increasingly popular across many fields. A viable alternative for those concerned with parent training.
  • Pragmatic investment: Gives the parents the skills they need for all the times the tutor isn’t there!

The affordability and flexibility that Tele-Services provides allow for more consistent training and supervision, which is essential to ensure your child’s learning, and that you are teaching effectively.

The video below shows the progress the child of one of the family’s we worked with made, when receiving Parent Training via Tele-Services.