If your child does not currently have a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder,

Young Child In Need of ABA Services Holding A Leaf

We would require you to attend a brief internal screening via teleconference with our Neuropsychologist. This internal consultation's primary focus is to help us determine if Applied Behavior Analyisis is a good fit for your child or loved one. This is because ABA is not necessary for everyone, we would like to ensure that it is the most effective therapy for your child. An Autism Spectrum Disorder diagnosis is helpful when determining how we can best meet your child's needs. However, we appreciate the difficulty some parents face when trying to obtain a diagnosis which can include lengthy wait times if you are currently awaiting or seeking a diagnosis.

Flexible programmes

We provide ABA programmes to individuals up to the age of eleven with a diagnosis of ASD. We can provide ABA programmes at home, in your child’s school or in the community, at a time that is convenient for you. To get more information, please read below or contact us.

Telehealth ABA Programmes

Telehealth ABA Programmes will allow for families to have access to ABA programmes through the use of technology.

It is cost-effective for families with a child who cannot meet in traditional standards of face-to-face consultations and examinations. It can improve the child's health through real-time communication between the therapist and the child in a remote environment.

ABA Horizons makes use of electronic communication using audio and video equipment to engage with the child.

This allows for flexibility and for the family and child to receive high quality services.

Direct ABA Services & Supervision
Parent Training
What To Expect

Parent training

ABA Horizons will be running Autism Parent Workshops across the UK and warmly welcome you to join us! Parents/carers are also more than welcome to attend our RBT® training. Please see the careers page for more information.

If would like to be part of our parent workshops, please register your interest by completing the following form. Once we have received substantial interest within a local authority, we will be in touch.