Autism Therapy for Families

Find out how ABA Therapy Can Help Your Child On the Autism Spectrum

We work with families who have children on the autism spectrum to help them maximise their potential.  If your child has been diagnosed with Autism, or you are awaiting a diagnosis, or Autism is considered  likely, ABA Horizons can help to support your family through your journey. 

You can find out more about our Services by submitting a contact form below. We’ll then send you another form to complete asking a few more details. Once you’ve completed both, we’ll be in contact with you shortly to discuss which of our services best meets your needs and circumstances.

Autism Resources in the UK

ABA Therapy Can Help your Child Develop Important Life Skills

ABA therapy helps children with autism to express themselves, developing their language and communication skills.
ABA therapy can help children with autism learn how to play and interact socially with their peers and family members.
Social Skills
ABA therapy can help a child's ability to complete daily tasks, such as brushing teeth or getting dressed.
ABA helps children stay on task. An essential skill for completing any learning activity, including academic.
ABA services are tailored to the child's individual needs and goals, in order to help maximise their potential.
ABA Therapy helps to replace those behaviours that may challenge, with a more appropriate and effective alternative.

Learn how ABA Therapy can help your child maximise their potential.

Benefits of ABA Tele-Services

We offer remote Tele-Services to provide families access to cost effective support, across the country.

We're dedicated to helping families and professionals advocate for children on the spectrum, so they get access to the evidence based services they need. Check out our Cost Analysis Tool to explore SEN funding estimates in your Local Authority. Feedback is welcome!

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